Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling Interact!

Today Rotaract Bandar Sunway had a huge bowling competition and invited a few Interacts.
Out of those interacts there was Interact SMKSU, Interact Bandar Sunway and obviously

SMK SS17!!

We had 3 teams representing SMKSS17.
Group A : Yi Jie, Cammie, Daphne, Michelle and Xue Yi.

This was the more professional team as they're really from the bowling club at school.

THIS. was the noob team.
The only great one was Musyir (guy) as he is from the bowling club and is rather awesome.
The other four below were just donkeys who wanted to grab the opportunity to bowl for free :D

Group B : Musyir, Esther, Jessica, Xin Xing, Audrey

It was sponsored by the Rotary Club.

Group C : Saran, Vicknes,Thayala,Santhiran

This was like the first timers luck group,
They never played bowling yet kept getting good marks and spares.
Much better than group B. HAHAHA

Every girl got a 10 marks handicap bonus as well.
We're GIRLSSS. haha

There were those funny times where Xin Xing concentrated
so hard
and in 1 second the ball just headed straight to the gutter.

We burst out laughing so hard.


We got stomach aches due to laughing.

Then there were those glory moments when someone got a strike
and the whole group screams their head off going


Then there were those people who just had to have those
"bowling poses" to look professional and such.

HAHAH i'mma just kidding Jessica :)

And yeah. more ugly candid photos throughout the day.

Our awesome neighbour opponents.

SMKSU : Joey, Damien, Szu Ern, Benjamin, Zhiying

There were many other schools that participated
And from what I know of, we didn't even stay for the prize giving.
Knowing that we wouldn't win. HAHAH

but it was definitely a fun time together!!!

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